Knitting a wool shop

It’s a strange time. Routines are unravelling, my tension refuses to hold steady and the most unlikely work is acquiring knitted characteristics. The last two days started off as a painting project – undercoating, coating and top-coating my shop walls in brilliant white. I made my way up and down the walls… all the way around and back to the beginning to start all over again. Occasional finger prints and flecks of dust in the undercoat disregarded, knowing I’d be back to go over them again. The sweater-knitting readers will know where this is going – you get the hang of a new stitch pattern, then notice the odd poorly formed stitch further down and need to decide whether it’s worth un-doing your work if you use that piece for the sweater back. You get all the way up to the neck line, admire your progress, take a deep breath and start all over again for the front – and know this time it’s got to be perfect.

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