Wool shop dragons

This is the story of my journey to a wool shop on Lower Clapton Road, one that I’m so excited about taking that I can scarcely sleep past 5am. That’s the strange bit of not-quite-daytime when my yarn list turns into a dragon that torments me with questions about whether all that DK is a such a good idea, and whether the sock knitters will feel discriminated against if their range is smaller, and is there enough for the lacy shawl people to know that I really do care about their nupps and fans and feathers?

Daylight and the real world arrive to reassure me that the list is good, and deserves more faith from me. Sockers and lacers will have plenty of fun with all those lovely magic Schoppel balls, Rooster skeins, the Colinette Parisienne and the divinely finely spun Town End Alpaca  And there’ll always be the chance to explore new yarns later on anyway.

So yarn list gets a tick(in pencil) and I move on…

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