Magic Thursday(s)

Well yes, it is a bit late to be writing about Thursday on Saturday, but frankly I’ve needed the last 48 hours to work out my hypothesis and I’m still not convinced it’s coherent enough to publish. I will try.

It’s the end of the third row, when over-eager knitters start looking for the emerging pattern. It’s a bit premature (they know that). But they look anyway, trying to see how the first repeats express themselves, stroking out the curled up softee strip to see if there’s any sense of fabric yet.

At Wild and Woolly it’s the third Thursday and a repeat of last week’s soaking Thursday. I’m wondering whether my lack of customers might be due to closing the door against the wind and rain. The storm picks up and I stop wondering and go back to some overdue book keeping. Then the door swings open and two big smiles walk in, which added to mine make three :). Jane pulls up the chair that quite obviously had her name on it since she sat sorting out her beautiful arm warmer gusset the previous Thursday. She introduces me to Nic who takes the other chair which I suspect has her name on it now too. And like two good witch-crafters (I’m trying not to say fairy god mothers but I’m sorely tempted), their alchemy begins. I can’t have looked away for more than a moment – all I did was take off my specs and walk around the counter to say hello properly – but they were already knitting away – definitely not enough time for mortal knitters to have got their projects out, remembered where they’d got to and made a start. And as they chatted, gently lacing in brilliant little purls of wisdom (all of which I’m trying very hard not to forget) about yarns, patterns, wool festivals, knitters, the rain stopped and a patch of blue sky floated into view. And then the customers started wandering in again, each one gently nudged towards appropriate patterns and yarns by my Thursday yarn fairies disguised in human form sitting at the table. When, after an hour or so, they put down their pins and got up for their next yarn shop stop and picked up their umbrella in the corner, I half expected Dick van Dyke to come whistling in…

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