A Stitch in Time: ‘Lost’ Knitting Songs from the World Wars

CD cover from Sweeter in a Sweater – Knitting Songs of WWII

Knit, Knit, Knit, the girls are knitting… but I wonder who’s knitting for me? 

Knit one, pearl 1942!
A Stitch in Time: Lost Knitting Songs from the World Wars is a tea-time musical lecture about knitting (yes, knitting!) songs that were written during WWI and WWII in both North America and Britain. Melanie Gall is a Canadian musician and knitting scholar, as well as co-host of the Savvy Girls Podcast, a popular knitting show. She will be in London to talk about her work over the past several years, researching and recording the lost wartime knitting music.

The songs are told from the view of the soldier, the sweetheart, the mother knitting for her sons on the battlefield, and the society gossips. The music is, in turn, funny, poignant, inspiring and heartbreaking. It reflects the hopes, fears, dreams, and struggles of the ‘Soldier Girls at Home’ – the women left behind.
There is singing, knitting, and even a draw for a free Knitting CD. Space is limited – please call to book your space in advance. More information about this music is available at: www.knittingsongs.com.

A Stitch in Time: Lost Knitting Songs from the World Wars will be performed at Wild and Woolly on 12th October at 4.00 pm.
Cost: £6.00, includes tea and cake
Call, email or pop in to book tickets

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