Episode 1

Fit your sweater perfectly around your shoulders and the rest will follow. In Part 1 of this episode, Renée Callahan AKA East London Knit, makes the case for abandoning our preoccupation with bust measurements as the starting point for measuring up for the perfect fit.

©Renee Callahan

Beyond shoulders or any other part of our bodies for that matter, lies the engineering of the stitches of our knitted fabric. In part 2, you’ll hear yarnsub.com’s Wendy Peterson asking us to follow the yarn on its journey to that exasperatingly loose stitch at the end of the row to solve a 30 year puzzle on why it’s not just leaning, that decreases do differently.

Neat K2togs contrasting with lumpy SSKs
©Wendy Peterson
The loose stitch trapped at the end of the row
©Wendy Peterson
Unraveled rows showing the extra yarn gets trapped at the end of the row
©Wendy Peterson
The route of the yarn through decreasing stitches
©Wendy Peterson
Decreases resolved
©Wendy Peterson
Unresolved Intaria joins
©Wendy Peterson
Intarisa Joins resolved
©Wendy Peterson
Getting to grips with the last loose stitch. See Mason Dixon Knitting’s article by Patty Lyons for more on these solutions.

Episode 1 of the Knit 15 Podcast featured:
Renée Callahan, East London Knit
Wendy Peterson, Yarnsub.com
Presented by Anna Feldman
Produced by Damian Zane
Music from Prickly Pear by The Portico Quartet

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