Episode 2

Undaunted by the initial disdain she received from local mill bosses, Rosa Pomar’s determination to source and manufacture wool from local flocks of sheep, is now not only respected by Portuguese wool industry chiefs, but also celebrated by knitters and knitwear designers around the world. In Episode 2 we hear from Rosa on how her fascination with Portugal’s rich history of woollen textiles and knitting traditions, turned into a mission to put sustainability and integrity back into wool-making for hand knitters.

Later, during questions from the audience, we’ll hear more from Rosa on how she responds to the modern knitterly appetite for super-soft baby wool, why in spite of being a shopkeeper, she urges knitters to buy less and knit more, and of course the story of those beautiful ball bands.

Episode 2 of the Knit 15 Podcast featured:
Rosa Pomar of Retrosaria in Lisbon.
Presented by Anna Feldman
Produced by Damian Zane
Music from Prickly Pear by The Portico Quartet

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