Episode 4

Predicting the unpredictable: Episode 4 takes a dive into colour pooling and the journey that your multicoloured hand-dyed skein of yarn takes when you begin knitting it into fabric. Helen Reed, AKA The Wool Kitchen, and Wendy Peterson of Yarnsub.com explore the maths and magic that can make the difference between colours emerging as star dust or a smear across your sweater.

Shawl knitted by Wendy deliberately worked to pool the colours of a hand dyed skein

Find your Mix!

Have a go with Wendy and David’s app to find your sweet spot with a virtual skein of the yarn that Wendy used in the shawl above or see what a virtual Skein of The Woolkitchen’s Merpeople looks like once you start adjusting your gauge and stitch count. You’ll be amazed.

“I wanted to see how much I could manipulate a skein of wool and get as much colour into it as possible without it turning brown and that is.. Ziggy!”

Episode 4 of the Knit 15 Podcast featured:
Helen Reed and Wendy Peterson
Presented by Anna Feldman
Produced by Damian Zane
Music from Prickly Pear by The Portico Quartet

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