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It’s become a feature of this period of lockdown that time can feel a bit stuck. The absence of stories and news that come from bumping into friends, chance encouters at the shops and family gatherings, have somehow put a break on the normal flow of time. 

And so by way of reassurance that the shop story hasn’t ground to a halt, I thought I would share some news of changes here.  For newsletter newcomers this is also a long overdue introduction to who we are, who packs your parcels and writes your notes, and for the old-timers, here’s a catch-up on where we’ve got up to:

Previously at Wild and Woolly…

I used to run the shop alone through the week, and Vi took care of things on Sundays. When things changed last March, Vi stepped in to help with the weekday packing operations. But we’ve known for a while that we could do with an extra pair of hands, and so I’m thrilled to announce that we are now an even woollier team of 3.

We are…

Virginie Bourgery 
Vi came to the shop about 5 years ago and it was so lovely having her around that she never really left. She brought with her more than a touch of style, an impressive mastery of 3 European languages, and an unexpected sweetness towards visiting pug dogs. She is a serially monogomous knitter, breaking off an initial committed relationship with chunky hats, for a dalliance with socks and is going steady with top-down raglans. Other things you may enjoy chatting about with Vi include the Apollo 11 moon landing, travels in Louisiana, and sweary dish cloths. 

(Photo: Vi is draped over the shoulder with a Copenhagen Cardigan by Petiteknits)

Brontë Swannick
Brontë is our newest recruit, and is very busy. All the time. Apart from leading the British Olympic Test Knitting team, she is  beyond encyclopaedic in her knowledge of knitwear designers and patterns. Describe a pattern, any pattern. She’ll find it. An art school graduate with a taste for gothic literature and sci-fi box sets, currently hanging out with Mary Shelley, Brontë is the one you want to sit next to at your dream knit night. Good coffee, Dererum Natura wool, Donna Tartt, and her love of picking woolly colour pallettes will all feature richly.

(Photo: Brontë wears Trouville by Sophie Ochera in J&S 2ply

Anna Feldman
This is me and I have loved knitting since I was 9. In 2014 I opened the shop and discovered that I also love being a shopkeeper, window dressing, and solving other people’s knitting problems. I like telling stories and listening to the ones that knitters bring to the shop. Wool-wise, I lean on the sheepy side and am most inclined towards producers doing small batch things with fibre that they care about. Other passions include beetroot soup, circuitous routes to remote places, picnics in Springfield Park and a collection of miniature vehicles made out of old tincans.

(Photo: I am wearing Shandy by Thea Colmanin Rauwerk DK)

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