Knit Your Own Summer Part 5

Yes, Part 5 means that there are another 4 that came before, but don’t panic – they happened last summer and the summer before that and we have them all listed here so you don’t have to hunt them out. Plus thanks to the timelessness of the super designs we found back then, they’re still just as good to knit now.

So previously on the Knit Your Own Summer series we had:
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And now that the mercury is finally rising in Clapton, we’re diving in with part 5..

Rolled Edge Tank by Jessie Maed

Don’t say: That won’t suit me, my bust is much bigger than that model’s.
Do Say: Oh great! there are optional bust darts so it will fit me too! Plus what a lovely finish that rolled edge makes. Plus plus, if you make a it a bit plussier still you could have it as a tank top over something else into the autumn.
Fabric-wise, it’s 4ply knit at a DK gauge so if you go with the pattern flow, I’d choose from Madragoa, Saona or Kalinka. Or if you want to step it up a fraction warmth-wise, Robinson would be my first choice.

Iris Top by Andrea Gaughan

Cropped, cottony, cool, but mostly, that underarm shaping! It may just be between you, your needles and your armpits, but it’s a secret detail which you’re going to love every time you take it down from the washing line.
This one is a 4ply knit at a reassuringly firm gauge to keep the ribbing stretchy. I would keep it cool with any one of Madragoa, Saona or Kalinka.

Tolsta Tank by Rebecca Clow

Yes we’ve had the Tolsta before – but not this lovely tank version with the strappy shoulders – just one of 4 different neck and strap treatments that comes with the pattern. But the real game changer is RC’s attention to fit which includes sizing based on your cup size as well as your full bust measurement (yes, that’s what I’m talking about!). Oh and she also gives options for DK and 4ply yarn. RC, if you’re reading this, and want to think about standing for PM, you’ve got our vote!
Go DK and choose from a cool planty option like cotton linen Damasco, or cotton linen silk Principe Real, or the beautifully plant dyed Robinson. Or go lighter with any of our summer 4ply faves: Madragoa, Saona or Kalinka.

Montaria by Rosa Pomar

Designed by the legendary wool maker, Rosa Pomar for her summer-time recycled wool cotton blend Mungo – this is a fits-everyone, suits-everyone, works-everywhere, boxy and comfy tee. Grown-on sleeves, thoughtful finishing and that nice longer-at-the-back-than-the-front shape which cycling knitters will definitely appreciate. If you’re looking for an alternative cooler option to the Mungo, the Damasco linen cotton or Re-Use denim are perfect for the 18 stitch gauge.

Luminous by Yamigara

This ingeniously constructed chevron tee has you working two separate triangular shawl shapes which are then joined by working across both with centre decreases to keep the fabric chevroney and the tee shirt square all at the same time. It’s clever, cool and and just such a beautiful design. There are any number of lovely 4plys to choose from, but I can’t see beyond The Woolkitchen merino sik for this top. It would be perfect!


Anke writes of sleeveless tops, “I like some positive ease in the right places and covered bra straps“. Looks to me like she’s pretty much nailed it with her UNi top pattern – subtley textured across the top yoke with a gentle swing in the body, it’s ticking knittability and wearability in equal parts.
The 22 stitch gauge makes it a great candidate for a silky option like The Wool Kitchen’s Merino Silk or the Madragoa. Vegan choices include For Nature cotton or the Kalinka linen.

Plain Yoke Tee 22 Solo by Lene Holme Samsøe

Spotted IRL on the needles of one of our much loved Sweater Clubbers, looking even nicer than the one pictured here on account of the richly dyed shade of dark red Principe Real she was knitting with, and the hint of slub in the cotton silk linen. Toast-ish yoke shaping, slouchy fit and pretty raw edges, it stole the top spot on my list as soon as I saw it.

The Little Black Tee by Tayler Earl

Slightly cropped to sit just at the waistband of a pair of high-rise jeans or shorts, for me, this nifty tee has the whiff of red lipstick and a 1950s frock with a milkshake and a stripey straw.
Yarn choices are going to depend on whether you want it to be more of a tee or a sweater. Whichever way you call it, it will need to work at a 20 stitch gauge.
Warmer choices would be Robinson, Penelope or Town Dyer DK or go cooler and plantier with the Re-Use recycled denim or our lovely soft For Nature organic cotton, or the new cotton linen blends: Damsco or Principe Real

White Mountains Light by Midori Hirose

The White Mountains story continues here with a 3rd high summer sleeveless installment. Elaborating on the Light, this one comes with all Midori’s signature alternative neckline treatments for you to make it just the way you like it.
Follow Midori’s lead and knit this 18 stitch gauge fabric with light and floaty mohair, or keep it cool and a bit firmer with the Damasco, Principe Real or Robinson.

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