Knitting Stories

‘..Yes, I’m in the wool shop. So I might be a while.’

Does what it says on the tin

Yeah right – What tin?? If I had a tin for everyone who says that it does what it says on it, I’d be a tinillionaire. There’s never a tin, and I bloomin love tins. So show me the tin! Well you did ask.. Oh my goodness me! You meant it – You’ve made a tin and it says what… Read more →

Worth a read..

The limited shelf space that we have in the shop means that Brontë and I spend a lot of time thinking really hard about which books we’d like to keep on them. Luckily the indie knitting publishing scene, has become an ever richer seam to draw from. Meanwhile it’s no secret that with so many new titles appearing with ever… Read more →

Soul Wool

“They are the most beautiful sheep you’ve ever seen. Both the ewes and the rams have amazing horns – a sort of swept-back affair.” Jenn Monohan is talking to me from her home in Elsing, a small village in Norfolk where she runs her yarn business, Fibreworkshop. She’s telling me about the Norfolk Horn sheep whose fleece she uses for… Read more →

Just the One

Fairy lights in shop windows and forlorn looking pumpkins in wheely bins have appeared like signposts warning us that we’re nearly there. Halloween is over, fireworks are beginning to pop, and the gift-knitting deadline is almost in view. Now I know there are knitters out there that are well prepared for the year’s sprint finish: they came in for gift-knitting… Read more →

Unboxing the autumn

Deliveries, boxes and unpacking: The last weeks have sometimes felt like we are taking delivery of autumn itself – just in a woollen form. Parcels make their long way west across Europe and south from Scotland and the north of England. Our missing colourways are restocked and we finally get to welcome the 3 new yarns we’ve been working hard… Read more →

The four seasons – now in colour!

“I sometimes think it would be nice to tell my grandma about everything I do now with the foraging and the dyeing. It comes from what she and my grandad taught me.“ Emma Kylmala, also known as The Town Dyer, is a Finnish plant dyer who has made her home in west London. She’s talking to me about the origins… Read more →

A dance on the surface of your knitting

“I’d see her through the window when I came home from school. She’d sit by the window where there was good light, with a big basket full of mending” Judit Gummlich describes how it was when her beloved grandmother came to stay, to help with taking care of her and her siblings while her mother was working. “She embroidered little… Read more →

The Madonna of the Yarn Winder

Is there really a Madonna of the Yarn Winder? Well there’s a painting with that name by Leonardo Da Vinci that shows the Madonna, her naked child and something that looks like a niddy noddy meets drop spindle contraption. It’s had a bit of an adventurous time lately – stolen by robbers disguised as policemen and eventually returned to the… Read more →

Overheard in the woolshop this week

So much for autumn. The somersaulting seasons of the UK have just landed us back in high summer again, with the hottest temperatures all year. For us knitters, this is more than a little bit disruptive and disorienting. And even more so for pedlars of wool like Brontë and I. For this week you will have found us unwraping the… Read more →