Job Vacancy

Wild and Woolly is an award winning yarn shop in the heart of east London’s knitting community. Six years since opening in 2014, the business has become one of the country’s leading specialist retailers of natural fibre yarns from small producers across the UK and Europe. In normal times it hosts a full schedule of classes and knitting events. The… Read more →


There was something a little magical about Sabira’s arrival at the Winter 2019 Sweater Club. Never mind that she’d only booked her place hours before it began or that most of the others were already serial sweater club attendees, or that she’d never even been in the shop before. She took a seat and pulled out some astonishingly beautiful deep… Read more →


I think of Cara and I hear the shop door swinging open and see her entering with a slightly perplexed look, and know it’s time to reach for my tape measure. Cara is in persuit of the perfect fit and her persuance of it, shouldn’t be underestimated. Cara’s finished sweaters, of which there are now reassuringly plenty, fit her so… Read more →

Episode 4

Predicting the unpredictable: Episode 4 takes a dive into colour pooling and the journey that your multicoloured hand-dyed skein of yarn takes when you begin knitting it into fabric. Helen Reed, AKA The Wool Kitchen, and Wendy Peterson of Yarnsub.com explore the maths and magic that can make the difference between colours emerging as star dust or a smear across your sweater. Read more →

Episode 3

Celebrating the extraordinary and hidden lives of unsung heroines in knitted squares, the Balance for Better Blanket was created to mark the 2019 International Women’s Day. In Episode 3 of Knit 15, Felicity Ford tells the story of a knitted blanket, of a friendship and of the 30 women who inspired it. Read more →