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Lucy spinning

Learn to spin your own yarn

This is a class for anyone who’s ever dreamt of making a  proper home-spun sweater or blanket. This two-part course is all about the preparation, spinning and plying processes needed for making wool for knitting, crocheting and weaving. Skill level:  Complete beginners You will learn: the basic principles of spinning how to use a drop spindle and spin roving  using the ‘Park and draft’ methods to take the spun fibre off the… Read more →

A Stitch in Time: ‘Lost’ Knitting Songs from the World Wars

Knit, Knit, Knit, the girls are knitting… but I wonder who’s knitting for me?  Knit one, pearl 1942! A Stitch in Time: Lost Knitting Songs from the World Wars is a tea-time musical lecture about knitting (yes, knitting!) songs that were written during WWI and WWII in both North America and Britain. Melanie Gall is a Canadian musician and knitting… Read more →

Brightest blazes kindled by unexpected sparks

The satisfaction of completion is a particularly knitterly sort of pleasure. If it’s a good fit, there’s the added joy of seeing your creation clothing you or someone you love. I think it comes down to the way that your counting, measuring and fingerwork can transform a pile of uniform balls of fibre into something remarkable, warm, soft and loved. The intimate relationship… Read more →

Learn to Crochet Beautiful Mitts

This flexible two-part course has been designed to suit absolute beginners and on-the-way crocheters. Skill level: Complete beginners and rusty crocheters wanting to dust off their stitches should attend both Parts A + B. Crocheters who are more sure of their stitches and ready to get straight on with making the mitts can attend Part B on its own. In Part A, you will learn how to: hold… Read more →