DLana Eco Wool Wash 125ml


This gentle eco-wash soap is based on a baby bath formula and gently cleans your hand knits without needing to rinse afterwards. It’s suitable for delicate fibres including wool, mohair, alpaca and silk

The ingredients come from organic farms in Spain.

How to use:

  • Add a tablespoon of the soap for every 3 litres of warm water (approx. a full sink)
  • Fully submerge¬† your garment in the basin and let it soak.
  • Remove your garment and get rid of as much excess water as possible without without twisting the fabric. We recommend rolling tightly in a towel to get rid of moisture without stressing the fabric.
  • Lay flat or block as usual.


Water, vegetable surfactants, vegetable glycerin *, calendula oleate *, xanthan gum, lavender essential oil, citric acid.

* organic farming origin

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