British Wool Knitting Brooch


These brooches have been made using 100% British Wool from Shetland, Bluefaced Leicester, Welsh Black Mountain and Jacob sheep. Inspired by the Campaign for Wool’s Wool Week Max Alexander has made these brooches to her favourite British wools. They’d make an ideal gift for a knitting yarn enthusiast!

Each brooch has a standard fixing securely sewn to the back.

  • Shetland Yellow
  • Shetland Blue
  • Shetland Green
  • Shetland Dark Brown
  • Bluefaced Leicester Cream
  • Black Welsh Mountain Dark Brown
  • Jacob Cream
  • Shetland Grey
  • Wensleydale Brown
  • Shetland Aubergine
  • Shetland Orange
  • Shetland Teal
  • Shetland Purple
  • Shetland Pink

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