Knitting Needle Wrap


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Most of the time our needles are kept stuffed into jars, tins, old vases – we have many. Sometimes, though, we need to travel with needles and other Useful Items – scissors, tape measure, you know the sort of stuff.

The True Brit Knits’ wrap rolls up and ties securely to keep your precious needles safe. It has narrow pockets for straight needles and wider ones for coiled circs. It has pockets for long needles and pockets for short needles. It has pockets that you can fit a tape measure, scissors, a pin tin in, pockets even that you could stash a restorative bar of chocolate in should you wish to.

Size: approx 40 x 56cm opened out, 40 x 40cm with the top flap folded over ready for rolling up.

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Needle Wrap Colours

Blue denim red stitching, Blue denim green stitching, Black denim pink stitching, Ecru cotton drill red stitching