Retrosaria Project Bags by Rosa Pomar


Screen-printed with Retrosaria’s enchanting ball band designs, these organic cotton, draw string project bags are perfect for smaller knitting projects.

  • Mondim cream
  • Mondim grey stripes
  • Mondim blue check
  • Mondim turquoise
  • Mondim lilac
  • Mondim blue brown check
  • Mondim peach and blue
  • Mondim green blue gingham
  • Mondim ochre
  • Mondim blue multi check
  • Mondim Pink
  • Mondim pale orange
  • Mondim multi stripe
  • Mondim madras check
  • Vovó red green purple check
  • Vovóblue pink check
  • Vovó blue green gingham
  • Vovo ochre
  • Vovo blue multi check
  • Vovo Pink
  • Vovo pale orange
  • Vovo multi stripe
  • Vovo madras check
  • Vovo dark red pin striped

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Project bags

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