Tintica Natural Dyeing Kits


Dyeing yarn using plants and minerals from the natural world creates an extraordinary and often unexpected array of colours.

Tintica Natural dyeing kits are all about passing on this ancient art of capturing the pigment from a flower, a root, or a bark. Each kit includes all the materials and instructions you need to dye a skein of Spanish merino with your chosen natural dye stuff.  This is  an ideal  gift or introduction for craftspeople who are curious about sustainable and traditional approaches to creating colour with protein-based fibres such as wool.

Each kit contains the materials and instructions for dyeing a skein of merino wool in your chosen color:

  • 100g/300m skein of Spanish merino sport weight superwash yarn
  • Either madder roots or chamomile flowers or dried pomegranate skins or logwood bark
  • Alum
  • A Basic Guide to Natural Dyes on Wool and Recipe for dyeing with your materials

The kits are presented in a heavy duty cardboard box, with a miniature hessian sack of dyestuff.