Lazadas Knitting Blocking Wires


Lazadas blocking wires are ideal for anyone who knits shawls, wraps and scarves in various sizes from smaller shawlettes to larger circular shawls. The medium diameter of the wires also means you can use them to block fine lace to chunky yarn projects.

This set contains flexible blocking wires in a mix of sizes; four 90cm (35 inches) long, three 180cm (70″) long and 30 Nickel plated T- Pins. The wires are made from high quality metal alloy with great flexibility so can be bent but will return back to their original shape.

They won’t rust on your garment and they are hard enough for long durability.

The blocking wires come in a reusable bag for easy storage when not in use.

Set contains:

  • 4 90cm (35″) blocking wires
  • 3 180cm (70″) blocking wires
  • 30 T-Pins


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