Zero to Knit Kit


YES, you can learn to knit, and yes we’ve got everything parceled up here to get you started.

Knitwear designer and teacher, Carol Feller has devised a series of video knitting tutorials that will take you on a cleverly designed path through all the techniques and terms you need to begin making your own way with knitting.

The Zero to Knit course will teach you how to:

  • cast on
  • knit and purl
  • knit flat and knit in the round
  • shape your fabric with increases and decreases
  • cast off and finish off your work

Throughout each module, Carol will develop your knitterly understanding by explaining how the anatomy of the knitted stitch relates to different stitches and techniques, how the finished fabric is affected by the fibre and thickness of yarn that you use, and how to choose the right needles for your project.

By the end of the Zero to Knit course, you will have completed 3 knitting projects.

Your Zero to Knit kit contains everything you need to make your way through Carol’s course:

  • A code for you to access the Starter Series Zero to Knit videos
  • 2 x 100g of WYSpinners Shetland Croft wool (please select a shade from the options below).
  • A pair of Japanese bamboo circular needles 5mm 80cm,
  • 8 stitch markers
  • a darning needle.

The Zero to Knit class has been designed by Carol Feller as part of her Starter Series, and  is available exclusively to the Iknit7 collaboration of yarn shops: Emily foulds, Ginger Twist Studio, Wild and Woolly, Knit with attitude, This is Knit, Tribe Yarns and A Yarn Story. To learn more visit

WYS Croft Shetland Colours × 2

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