Seeknit Interchangeable Needle Sets


Located between Osaka and Kyoto, Kinki Amibari have been producing beautiful bamboo knitting needles for the last 100 years.

From the finely ground needle points and carefully polished surface of the aged bamboo, to the flexible rotating joint that prevents twisting, Seeknit needles are a complete pleasure to knit with.

These sets of interchangeable needles are now available in both the blonde Shirotake and darker Koshitsu versions.

The Shirotake bamboo is dried in the sun and processed with essential oils. The needles are manufactured with machinery that guarantees precision, then hand polished for a smooth surface finish.

The material for the dark Koshitsu bamboo needles is stored for up to 10 years and then steamed to harden it and prevent warping. This makes the Koshitsu bamboo especially suited to smaller needle sizes. The dark bamboo needles are further treated with natural wax for a beautiful finish.

These ‘nordic’ sets of 14cm interchangeable tips and cables come in various sizes:

  • The ML set includes 9 tip sizes:  3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8 & 10mm +  32, 52, 72cm cables for small (3.5-5mm) tips and 35, 55, 75, 115cm cables for the larger (5.5-10mm) tips + 2 pairs of end stoppers.
  • The Deluxe set includes 11 tip sizes:  2½-3-3½-4-4½-5-5½-6-7-8-10 mm + 60,80, 100 cm cables for all tip sizes + cable connectors + 3 pairs of end stoppers.
  • The Premium Set includes 11 tip sizes 2.5-2.75-3-3.25-3.50-3.75-4-4.50-5-5.50-6mm tips + 60, 80, 100 cm cables for all tip sizes + cable connectors + 3 pairs of end stoppers.
  • ML set J-Star Blue Koshitsu
  • ML Set Dragonfly Red Koshitsu
  • Deluxe J-Star Blue Koshitsu
  • Deluxe Dragonfly Red Koshitsu
  • Premium Ecru Canvas Koshitsu

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