2x1x1x1x2=2 by Anna Maltz


Two colours are worked together in a one stitch by one stitch pattern: one colour held in each of your two hands to make a two-sided fabric.

This hat is reversible, as well as being slouchy, with extra long length (optional of course – you can stop earlier) and softy soft. This is a great pattern for practicing dual hand colourwork to get you in to the rhythm before embarking on more elaborate patterns or even a whole garment. If there’s another colourwork yarn holding technique you’ve been itching to try, by all means switch out to give that one a whirl – just ignore the bi-hand specific notes and change the name a little.

It’s also a good introduction to the notion of a detachable pompom – depending on which side of the hat you want to have facing out on any given day, you can take the pompom off and put it back on very easily.

Instructions are clearly written and have been fully tested and tech edited. They are laid out so that you can print page by page; only the parts you need. There is an extended section with pompom making tips, extensive notes and links out where useful.

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