Making Stories Magazine Issue 3


The designs in Issue 3 include stitch patterns and construction inspired by the idea of growth. This is clothing for transitional seasons where layering  is key.

The issue includes a conversation between fibre business owners who share their views on business growth and sustainability, Gaye Glasspie dives into what sustainable growth meant and means for her, Alina Jordan explores the challenge of being a Social Media knitter and how its growth has affected her life as a knitter, and Ani Lee opens up about growing to appreciate her body.

Designs by:

A L Leong, Claire Walls, Making Stories, Nataliya Sinelshchikova, Sari Nordlund, Stephanie Earp, Valentina Cosciani, Vanessa Pellisa

Yarns by:

De Rerum Natura, Garthenor, Lino Mūka, mYak, Stolen Stitches, The Fibre Co., Triskelion Yarn, Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co.

Contributions by:

Alina Jordan, Ani Lee, Armenuhi Khachatryan, Beatrice Perron Dahlen, Emma Robinson, Gaye Glasspie, Sandra Braida

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Hanna Lisa Haferkamp, Verena Cohrs

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mixed collection