Yarn Forward Token

Every time a Yarn Forward token is purchased we will pin it to the notice board right next to the till for a low/no income knitter to use towards the wool and needles that they are buying. They simply take it off the board and present it to us at the till. No questions asked.

To buy a YARN FORWARD token, enter your chosen amount below and add the token to the basket.

We will pin your token to the notice board as soon as we receive your order.



Why are we doing this?

We have always had a policy of offering free and unlimited advice and support to knitters, regardless of what you are knitting or where you bought your wool and pattern from. Occasionally we are asked if we will take payment for the help we give, to which the answer has always been no, as we see this service as underpinning the spirit of the shop. We would no sooner charge for helping you with a dropped stitch as we would for looking around the shop.

At the same time we understand the impulse that knitters have, to reciprocate and share with other knitters. So when our neighbours, the booksellers Pages of Hackney, started their PAY IT FORWARD project to support low/no income readers with the cost of buying books, we thought that this could also be a great model for knitters both to share and pass on help they have received, with other knitters.


Any knitter on a low/no income, is welcome to take a token from the board and use it towards whatever they are buying from the shop. No questions asked.

Whilst it is possible to purchase YARN FORWARD tokens online, it is not possible at this stage to spend them online. They can only be used by knitters and crocheters who visit the shop in person.