dLana Rústica Color


Fibre: Merino wool from Castilla y León
Yardage: 193m per 100g
Gauge: 18-20 stitches per 10cm
Recommended needle size: 4-6mm

dLana Rustica is made from Spanish merino wool, with an astonishing level of care taken at every step in the production process. We think the result is amongst the most characterful merino we’ve ever knitted with.

The process  begins with Javier and Esther selecting fleeces from transhumance sheep that are grazed in higher pastures in the summer and lower valleys during the winter. The wool is then processed and spun locally in a way that retains the integrity of the fibre before it’s dyed in a complete riot of joyous colours.

The yarn has all the softness you’d expect from a merino single ply with an added robustness that overcomes the structural issues sometimes associated with singles. This is a yarn for sweaters and accessories, and is the perfect solution for delicate scratch-phobic knitters who would like to have a go with some proper sheepy wool.

  • Yellow V1
  • Neon Pink V3
  • Light Red V5
  • Red V6
  • Bougainvillea Purple V7
  • Deep Blue V9
  • Lime V10
  • Turquoise V14
  • Sand P1
  • Powder Pink P3
  • Beige P4
  • Orange Blossom Honey P6
  • Salmon Pink P7
  • Blush Pink P8
  • Water Green P10
  • Sky Blue P13
  • Mustard D1
  • Wine D2
  • Moss D9
  • Black D10
  • Orange Juice V2
  • Fucsia V4
  • Pistachio P9
  • Aubergine D3
  • Navy Blue D6
  • Lilac P14
  • P12 Stone
  • D7 Billiards Green
  • D8 Dark Green
  • D11 Chalkboard
  • V11 Christmas Green
  • V12 Coral
  • V13 Cauldron
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Rustica shades

Dark Brown MA, White BL, Medium Brown GR, Light Brown GR1, Oat GR2, Yellow V1, Neon Pink V3, Light Red V5, Red V6, Bougainvillea Purple V7, Deep Blue V9, Violet V8, Lime V10, Turquoise V14, Sand P1, Coffee P2, Powder Pink P3, Beige P4, Tobacco P5, Orange Blossom Honey P6, Salmon Pink P7, Blush Pink P8, Water Green P10, Sky Blue P13, Purple D4, Mustard D1, Wine D2, Moss D9, Black D10, Orange Juice V2, Fucsia V4, Pistachio P9, Aubergine D3, Navy Blue D6, Lilac P14, P12 Stone, D7 Billiards Green, D8 Dark Green, D11 Chalkboard, V11 Christmas Green, V12 Coral, V13 Cauldron

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