Garthenor Number 2


Fibre: 100% certified organic Shetland wool, grown, shorn and spun in the UK
Yardage: Approximately 150m per 50g skein
Recommended Needle size: 3-3.5mm

How do we describe a yarn as special as Garthenor Number 2? A family of 2 stranded woollen spun 4ply yarns using the fleece of single varieties of sheep in their natural shades which perfectly highlights the differences between these breeds, yet forms a coherent collection of yarns which would sit beautifully together in a project such as a sampler blanket or cushion or singly for a garment that has the exact amount of rusticity for your personal taste.

Whether you enjoy the smooth lustre of a creamy white Blue Faced Leicester or a crisp, robust golden brown Manx Loughton, there is something for you in this range which also includes bouncy white Poll Dorset, reliable chocolate brown Shetland and sturdy heathery brown Jacob.

  • Chalkboard Shetland
  • Chalk Shetland
  • Boulder Shetland
  • Smoke Shetland
  • Driftwood Shetland
  • Goshawk Shetland
  • Shale Shetland
  • Bakewell Leicester Longwool
  • Dunnock Manx
  • Chimney Shetland
  • Wagtail Shetland
  • Peregrine Shetland
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These natural yarns are produced from sheep which are kept on organic land which is not treated with herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilisers.

Free from G.M.O’s and OP dips.

No harmful chemicals or inputs are used during processing.

No chemical moth proofing.

Natural herbal insect deterrents are used.

No artificial flame retardants.

Naturally flame resistant.

No conditioners.

No man-made fibres.

Just pure certified organic wool spun to reflect the nature of the fleece.

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4 Ply/Fingering