Stash Depot Terms and Conditions

Anyone wishing to participate in the Wild and Woolly Stash Dealer scheme must sign up to the following terms and conditions:

  1.  Only complete, un-used balls/skeins of clean yarn in sealed paper or plastic bags will be accepted for resale in the Wild and Woolly Stash Depot.
  2. Any yarn delivered to the Stash Depot which has any evidence of moth infestation will be destroyed without prior notification to the Dealer.
  3. Stash Depot yarn will be assigned a red, green or blue sticker price. This price will be determined solely by Wild and Woolly.
  4. Credit will be added to the Dealer’s account after their yarn is sold to customers in the shop. Credit will not be available before the Dealer’s yarn has been sold.
  5. The Dealer’s account will be credited with 50% of the sticker price of every stash ball sold.
  6. The account can be redeemed as cash, or Wild and Woolly will add 10% to its value if the credit is spent on full-priced items in the shop. Alternatively the account can be used to exchange stash yarns. Any balls or skeins bought from the Stash Depot with stash credit will cost half the sticker price.
  7. Wild and Woolly retains the right to reject yarn for resale in the Stash Depot if the yarn quality does not meet the shop’s normal standards.
  8. Wild and Woolly retains the right to reject yarn for resale if the Stash Depot is full.
  9. If the Dealer’s yarn remains unsold for 3 months or more, Wild and Woolly will either donate the yarn to a charity* or request the dealer to collect the yarn, according to the Dealer’s preference




*Wild and Woolly’s preferred recipients for donated yarn are: The Helen Bamber Foundation Knitting Group, Hackney Salvation Army Knitting Group, local school knitting projects

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