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How the duck got its beak (and other stories)

‘This pattern should be impossibly frustrating,’ I wrote of a pattern I was knitting back in early 2020, ‘and yet it’s the most delightfully compulsive knitting… the littleness of the stitches and Odile’s diminutive form are just so inexplicably pleasing.’  The pattern was Bunny Odile, and making it marked the beginning of one of the most enchanting and kooky knitting… Read more →

In Shetland no one swatches

In the English speaking knitting world, travelling to the Shetland islands, 130 miles north of the Scottish mainland, has become something of a Haj-like pilgrimage. Those who are lucky enough to make the journey, return with stories of mill trip adventures and fairisle masterclasses, photos of beautiful sheepy hillsides and coastline sunsets, and suitcases bursting with heathered shetland wool inspired… Read more →

The insatiably curious knitter

It was quite early in Wendy Peterson’s young life as a knitter that she noticed her right leaning decreases were neater than her left leaning ones. It bothered her. It looked wrong and she wanted it to look right. This was long before knitting on the internet, before the time of hacks and FAQs. There were no online hive minds or videos to… Read more →

A Dream Come True

“You have to learn this stuff from the beginning. It takes a long time” Ramon Cobo is the 4th generation of wool makers at the family mill in Castilla La-Mancha. In the time of his great grand father and great uncle, they would collect wool from farms close to Mota and take it by horse and cart to wash the… Read more →

Seeing the world in neon

Helen Reed has an eyesight condition that, as far as I know, has no name. She sees the world in neon. Even people’s skin tones have a neon glow about them. Dry leaves yield neon yellows with pink undertones. Helen is the dyer behind The Wool Kitchen dye studio – a garden shed in Walthamstow, east London from where she’s… Read more →