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9 cardies good, 18 cardies better!

It seems like last week’s list of cardigans has only partially satisfied the spring-time knitters’ appetite for knitwear they can undo and do up again. And so the newly formed Cardigan Corps at Wild and Woolly has un-buttoned 9 more patterns with our usual mix of familiar and unexpected. Here are 9 more for you to keep on your cardie… Read more →

Unbuttoning the spring

Coming home from work in the daylight, daffodill buckets at the supermarket checkout, blosssom appearing on street corners, and leaving the house without long johns: spring is on the way and for me that means my knitting plans are opening up – or at least acquiring buttons so they can. Cardigans are the original 2-for-1 sweater. Wear them all the… Read more →

B is for Hat

Beanies, Balaclavas, Berets.. this week is all about hats. Mostly using no more than 100g of yarn, and stretchy enough to be a bit casual with sizing, hats are fun to make, quick to finish, super to give and most importantly, great at keeping heads (also ears) and the rest of us warm. Here’s our shortlist of 9 toppers, with a few extras added… Read more →

Don’t get stranded on sleeve island

In-between-ish weather calls for transitional tops. So we’re taking the librarian’s fashion cue this week with 9 of our favourite vest tops – a tank will keep you warm without overheating,  it’s usually finishable with about a third less wool and time than a sweater, and it may end up taking you on an unexpected and long-needed  bookshelf sorting journey. Read more →

Knit your own summer, Part 2

So much for Part 1, the summer just got hotter  and there’s still weeks more to go. So here comes Part 2 of How to Knit your own Summer. This time we’re cranking things up a bit gauge-wise, moving up to bigger stitch DK and worsted weight yarns. These are garments and accessories that even the most short-attention-span knitters will… Read more →

Knit your own summer, Part 1

Soaring temperatures, pavements booming with heat and the busiest knit night of the year – I think we finally need to put that myth to bed, that knitting is a winter sport. It turns out that not only is knitting fun in the sun, but the knitwear you make can keep you pretty cool too. So here for anyone who… Read more →