Beaufort Socks and Fitzroy Mitts by Jane Lithgow


These socks and mitts are designed using motifs inspired by traditional fishermen’s ganseys. Also known as guernseys, these hardwearing, woollen jumpers have been worn by fishermen around the coast of Britain for more than a century.
They are knit in one piece, with underarm gussets to ensure a good fit; techniques that easily translate into sock and mitt designs. The stitch patterns that Jane has chosen – diamonds, cables and ropes – are amongst those that symbolise the everyday things in the fisherfolk’s lives.
These unisex socks will make an interesting project for a reasonably experienced knitter who is comfortable knitting in the round.


The names for these patterns were chosen to honour Sir Francis Beaufort and Captain Robert Fitzroy. In 1805, Beaufort was responsible for completing the development of the Beaufort wind scale, a method of standardising descriptions of the strength of the wind. Fitzroy was the first naval officer to use the scale on Charles Darwin’s 1830 voyage on HMS Beagle and further went on to set up the first Meteorological Office in Britain giving regular weather forecasts. Between them, these two men made huge contributions to the safety of all seafarers by pioneering weather forecasts that could be understood by all.

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Jane Lithgow

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traditional and heritage, mitts and gloves, socks

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