The Stash Depot

Ever bought a bit more wool than you really needed? Got tempted by some yarn that you never found a use for? Or bought a sweater’s worth of wool for a child who turned into an adult before you got going?

Don’t let your yarn stash turn into a guilty secret!

Bring your stash to the Wild and Woolly Stash Depot and you can:

  • empty out much-needed storage space at home
  • earn money from the balls and skeins that get sold
  • pick up credit to buy new yarn that you really want to knit
  • share the yarn love with local stash hunters
  • donate unwanted yarn to fantastic charitable knitting projects

Here’s how it works:

  • Bring your un-used, complete balls or skeins of clean yarn to the shop in sealed plastic or paper bags, if possible with labels.
  • Fill in a Stash Dealer’s form and pick up your Dealer Account Number.
  • Each time one of your stash yarns is sold, your account will be credited with 50% of the price paid by the customer.
  • Collect your credit as cash, or add to its value by exchanging it for new yarn.

For more information see the full Stash Depot Terms and Conditions

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