Dererum Natura Cyrano


Fibre: 100% European Maco Merino wool
Yardage: 160m per 100g ball
Gauge:  16 stitches per 10cm (on 5mm needles) – 14 stitches per 10cm (on 6mm needles)
Recommended needle size: 5-6mm

Cyrano is a woollen-spun yarn from a new breed of white maco merinos descended from the Merino D’arles and Merino Rambouillet breeds. They are raised in the Alps of Haute-Provence. This wool is blended with fleece from black merinos recently introduced in the Creuse which when overdid gives the yarns a sophisticated tonal movement.
The fleece of these Maco Merinos is locally carded and spun using traditional techniques and equipment at the Rougnat spinning mill, minimising production miles and creating the soft and generous balls of Cyrano.

Cyrano has a very rounded structure with 5 plies, making it perfect for showing off cables. The loftiness of the yarn makes it very versatile in terms of stitch gauge. Because it is woollen spun and contains a lot of trapped air, it is both generous in its yardage for its weight and functions well at a range of gauges.

  • Poivre
  • Poivre blanc
  • Sel
  • Genêt
  • Goéland
  • Granit
  • fusain
  • forêt
  • cypres
  • sauge
  • ciel
  • lagon
  • plume
  • nuit
  • doré
  • quartz
  • bois de rose
  • merlot
  • Eucalyptus
  • Erable
  • Aubépine
  • Biche
  • Brouillard
  • Tempete
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