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iKnit7 is the story of 7 wool shops across the UK and Ireland that came together during the COVID-19 pandemic to support each other and their knitters. 2 years on and the story is changing..

It’s finally time to meet each other face to face again and the iKnit7 Passport is our way of celebrating the yarn store journeys we’re all about to make.

We have created a limited edition log book for you to record your travels around the iKnit7 wool shops in Ireland and the UK. The passport has been specially produced by letterpress designer, Meticulous Ink, and features a copper foil crest of the new Ik7 logo, and heavy weight paper pages for you to keep notes about your visits to each of our shops, as well as the inspiration and yarns you pick up en route.

And there’s more!

Each time you visit an iKnit7 shop* and spend a minimum of £50 (not including the passport purchase), we will stamp your passport on the appropriate page and save your visit date in our system. If you can collect a stamp from each of our seven shops within 24 months, each shop will send you a £20 voucher – that’s £140 to spend as you please across our shops.

Passports are available to purchase from each of our online and physical shops and will be activated on the date of your first qualifying purchase at your first shop visit.

*A visit means going in person to the physical shop. The passport cannot be stamped when purchasing from our online shops or at temporary yarn shows venues.

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