Seasonless – Patterns for Life by Karen Templer


“Seasonless – Patterns for Life” by Karen Templer is an exceptional knitting book that includes five versatile foundation patterns, all customizable in terms of stitch patterns and shaping. All instructions share the same gauge, making them gender- and size-inclusive, with four suggested variations (block stripes, stockinette, mosaic, texture) and shaping options to suit every taste and occasion.

“Seasonless” also features a section on yarn selection and styling ideas. Four individuals from different regions and climates explain how they would adapt and style the designs from the collection.


– Approx. 160 pages
– 5 core patterns for accessories and garments, each with four completely different stitch patterns, looks, and shaping options
– 10 sizes for garments

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Karen Templer

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hats, mitts and gloves, tops, sweaters and cardigans