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Turning the tide

I’d got 3 messages in as many minutes, all asking if I was listening to Radio 4.  But with over a hundred parcels still to pack it was Radio 6, not 4 that was keeping us company as I picked, and Brontë wrapped up the mountain of orders that had backed up during our 10 day summer break closed period.   So… Read more →

The Constant Stitch

“I’m sorry but I’m old fashioned and I prefer to knit with straight needles: Separate sleeves, back and front pieces. Starting at the bottom. I’d like a pattern like that please.” There was a time  – and it really wasn’t that long ago – when you’d rarely hear this slightly defensive request from knitters in a wool shop. Not because… Read more →

I Count Therefore I Am

I sat down on Sunday evening to complete my census form. This time it was online but in the past I’ve had paper forms to fill. I would choose a good pen, clear the table, find a pad to lean on, and write as neatly as I could. I’ve always loved filling in the form. Regardless of how small we… Read more →

Knitting for misfits

‘Oh, you knit in a funny way, you’ve got the wool in the other hand!‘ I’ve tried and failed to knit with wool ‘the other way’. I know it looks odd to people I’m teaching, but muscle memory is a strange thing and my hands have stubbornly refused to give up their old habits and knit the way folks round… Read more →