Author: Anna

One stitch at a time

I count my stitches two at a time, others take them singly or in fives. I watch perfectly fluent English speakers whisper numbers in their mother toungue as they thumb their way along the stitches. We each have our own habitual ways of doing it, but counting is a part of what all knitters do. It’s how we find out… Read more →

A short knit story of time

This time of year is full of questions.. like how many stitches to cast on for a scarf, how to avoid curling edges, or what to do about joining in a new ball of wool etc.. And although I know there are multiple solutions to any one of those problems,  I’ve learned that new knitters prefer an unambiguous do-it-like-this answer,… Read more →

What’s in a name

Wild and Woolly [ wahyld-n-woo l-ee ] ‘to be carrying a wild look, to have a bearded and dirty look, to be lawless, to be uncultured’ I tend to think that the reason I’m almost never asked about the origin of the shop’s name is because the name is so obviously the right one, that there’s no question that it could… Read more →

The moral (ity) of the story

I tend to have three types of customer: those who can knit, those who can’t but want to knit, and those who love someone else who knits. There is also a fourth category of non-knitting passers by who have no interest in knitting but would like to buy the finished knitwear they can see in the shop, but as it’s… Read more →

Tell me about your knitting

“Tell me about the knitting” “The knitting? You mean you want me to tell you what I’m knitting?” “If you like. I’d like to know more about what’s going on with you and the knitting, how it makes you feel, why you do it..” So began an odd dialogue with a therapist that I saw through a tricky time back… Read more →

Knitting for misfits

Oh, you knit in a funny way, you’ve got the wool in the other hand!’ I’ve tried and failed to knit with wool ‘the other way’. I know it looks odd to people I’m teaching, but muscle memory is a strange thing and my hands have stubbornly refused to give up their old habits and knit the way folks round… Read more →

Unfortunately.. fortunately..

It was the Thursday before going away, and the Unfortunately.. Fortunately.. game started playing out in real life. Unfortunately the postman arrived early and Vi didn’t manage to get all the parcels into the sack. One was left over. Fortunately it was a Norfolk postcode Melton Constable address, which was exactly where we were headed the following Saturday. Unfortunately Google Maps didn’t recognise the address. Fortunately we found an… Read more →