World Wide What?

The latest listing on the World Wide Knit in Public Day website shows events you can join in George Town,Tasmania, Providence, Rhode Island, Vilnius, West Lafayette, Indiana, Pécs, Hungary, Oranjezicht City Farm Market, Cape Town, Pueblo Serena, Mexico. Oh, and there’s also one in Well Street Common, Hackney ( wonder who could be behind that one 🤔 )

Hang on a minute, World Wide What???

World Wide Knit in Public Day!

It’s the kookiest international day of woolly action and has absolutely no higher purpose than to share our love of our loopy passtime by being out there with our knitting.

Is it really a thing? Or is this another wind-up like the hackney downs goats and the roof top sheep?

It really is a thing – I promise. It started in 2005 with 25 events around the world and had 750 by 2009. I can’t find a number for 2022 but I’m going to bet it’s way over a thousand now, and looks from the website like the only region that has no events is the Arctic Circle (we warmly welcome all Arctic Circle knitters who have no local events to join us in Well Street Common).

Ok, so I’ll be part of an international day of knitting? what do I have to do to get on board?

Easy Peasy. You just rock up at Well Street Common anytime between 2.30 and 5.00 on Sunday 12 June.. The common is sandwiched between Victoria Park Road, Gascoyne Road and Meynell Crescent, London E9 (less than 10 mins walk from Homerton Overground Station). We don’t have a grid reference yet, but we will be stationed next to the craft tent. As soon as we know where that is on Sunday morning we will share our What Three Words location and Google Maps coordinates.

And do I need to bring anything?

If you don’t want to sit on the ground, it’s a good idea to bring your own cushion or folding chair, and your knitting (obvs.). Also it will be mid afternoon so shareable snackerels and tea-time nicees  would work out well too.

Ahh, cake you say? What if my non-knitting friends and relations come with me? Will they feel left out?

We have a plan for them too! There will be plenty of spare practice wool and needles and help for getting new knitters on the way with their first stitches. Plus the neighbouring Craft Tent is a Make Town production so will be full of cool activities for kids. And yes, we will share the cake too.

So how do I book?

You don’t need to! It’s just a rock-up-and-knit thing.  No tickets, no passports, no bouncers, no gates. Just wool, needles and jolly knitters.

See you on Sunday!

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