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A Stitch in Time: ‘Lost’ Knitting Songs from the World Wars

Knit, Knit, Knit, the girls are knitting… but I wonder who’s knitting for me?  Knit one, pearl 1942! A Stitch in Time: Lost Knitting Songs from the World Wars is a tea-time musical lecture about knitting (yes, knitting!) songs that were written during WWI and WWII in both North America and Britain. Melanie Gall is a Canadian musician and knitting… Read more →

Brightest blazes kindled by unexpected sparks

The satisfaction of completion is a particularly knitterly sort of pleasure. If it’s a good fit, there’s the added joy of seeing your creation clothing you or someone you love. I think it comes down to the way that your counting, measuring and fingerwork can transform a pile of uniform balls of fibre into something remarkable, warm, soft and loved. The intimate relationship… Read more →

Learn to Crochet Beautiful Mitts

This flexible two-part course has been designed to suit absolute beginners and on-the-way crocheters. Skill level: Complete beginners and rusty crocheters wanting to dust off their stitches should attend both Parts A + B. Crocheters who are more sure of their stitches and ready to get straight on with making the mitts can attend Part B on its own. In Part A, you will learn how to: hold… Read more →

If you can’t stand the heat…

It’s hot. And there’s lots to do. I need to order yarn for the autumn, publicise my new course schedule, I need to respond to email messages. Right now I need to write this blog post. So I’m sitting here, trying to focus on what it is I’m writing about and like a belligerent parrot, all my brain will give… Read more →

Coming out of the knitting closet

“Tell me about the knitting” “The knitting? You mean you want me to tell you what I’m knitting?” “If you like. I’d like to know more about what’s going on with you and the knitting, how it makes you feel, why you do it..” And so began a very odd dialogue with a therapist that I saw through a tricky bit of… Read more →

After-hours Knitty Lock-in

Everyone is welcome and no booking is required. Just bring along your knitting, crochet or come without and find some inspiration for a new project. There will be plenty of help for anyone who’s stuck with pattern problems or just general getting-started advice. We’ll have wine, tea and cake to keep us going. So if you want a second opinion on your… Read more →

Reality knits

“Very nice, but remember it’s the sweater you’re knitting and not the model inside it.” Granny’s cautionary mantra sometimes made me wish she was more classically trained in the art of Granny-ness. How about a Granny who said things like  “ooh how lovely dear, won’t you look nice in that”? But she was (of course) right – and I learned to love and… Read more →

I love Lower Clapton Road because..

<img class="alignright size-thumbnail wp-image-341" style="border: 1px solid black;" src="×150.jpg" alt="IMG_20140516_144902" width="150" height="150" srcset="×150.jpg 150w,×170.jpg 170w, agile×320.jpg 320w,×540.jpg 540w,×100.jpg 100w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />Yes, this title is cheesy, and as someone who hails from the lactose intolerant of eastern Europe, I should really avoid cheese altogether. But sometimes a moment creeps up and you just… Read more →

Magic Thursday(s)

Well yes, it is a bit late to be writing about Thursday on Saturday, but frankly I’ve needed the last 48 hours to work out my hypothesis and I’m still not convinced it’s coherent enough to publish. I will try. It’s the end of the third row, when over-eager knitters start looking for the emerging pattern. It’s a bit premature… Read more →

Hello, can I help you?

“Are you feeling a bit confused by all this yarn – the colours, sizes, twists and balls, textures and finishes? Are you wondering how it knits up, what it would cost to make a sweater, how easy it is to work with and what patterns would suit it?” Or would you rather be left alone to rummage, squidge and compare… Read more →