Overheard in the wool shop this week

Peddling wool in a heatwave has it’s moments. I thought it might be nice to share some of them with you this week.  Here’s some of what we’ve overheard in the woolshop this week…

“They’re men’s one piece swimming costumes from the 1930s – used in the Olympics then. The pattern says to knit, but I’m working on a crocheted version.”

“The reason I got it done so quickly? It’s procrasti-knitting. I’ve got a house to pack up so of course I finished the top in 2 weeks flat!”

“Her uncle’s flying back to see her in Jamica tomorrow. You got some nice wool for him to take with? You know, nice wool, nice colours?”

“It’s my fortieth pair this year. Socks. It’s what I make. Socks. Thick and thin. But socks, yes socks. Always socks. I’m Lithuanian. We make good socks.”

“It’s Alpaca from 30 years ago. Miraculously the moths never got it. I had it to knit things for my daughters when they were little and they’re all grown up and away now.”

“I’m never crocheting a provisional cast on again. Judy’s Magic cast-on. Genius.”

“It’s my birthday. I just wanted to be in a wool shop for bit and hang out with the yarn. Is that ok?”

“No I don’t need a bag. I’m going straight home with it. I’m going to pour myself a glass of cold white wine, sit in the garden and get my knitting out. Lovely.”

“That Manchelopis. I don’t know whether to knit with it or buy another 50 and make a bed!! Maybe I’ll use the Gilliatt for a pillow.”

Heatwave or cold snap, we always love it when you pop in and tell us about hear what you’re making. 

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