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Overheard in the Wool Shop this Week

The stars, moon and hearts were all aligned this week to create a magical coincidence of St Valentine’s Day and the Late Night Knitty Lock-in. I’d like to say it was a night like no other, but in the event it was quite similar to most other second Wednesdays – which is probably just another way of saying that we… Read more →

Overheard in the woolshop this week

So much for autumn. The somersaulting seasons of the UK have just landed us back in high summer again, with the hottest temperatures all year. For us knitters, this is more than a little bit disruptive and disorienting. And even more so for pedlars of wool like Brontë and I. For this week you will have found us unwraping the… Read more →

Overheard in the woolshop this week

Lots of new faces and new knitters in the shop this week, also old knitters trying new things. It’s a good reminder that however familiar a technique becomes, it always starts life as a new way of doing things. And as the beginning is often the most exciting bit, it’s a total joy getting to join you for that bit… Read more →

Overheard in the wool shop this week

It’s been cold, rainy and grey outside all week, but inside in the wool shop you’ve all been giving us plenty to smile about. Here are our edited highlights from this week… ‘the book just arrived – I knew it would be amazing, it’s more than just amazing – rest of day cancelled – fire stoked, coffee on, phone unplugged..‘ ‘I… Read more →

In search of the perfect sweater

The key ingredients for the perfect pudding, an old friend of mine explained, are something crunchy, something creamy and something fruity. He expanded this theory over a bowl of apple crumble and custard when we were housemates in a shared student house about 100 years ago. I reminded him of his old pudding formula when he presented me with some… Read more →

Christmas won’t be Christmas without any..

Shop regulars will know that we can talk about knitting gifts from mid summer if you like, but there’ll be no fairy lights or Christmas window action until we’re safely over the 1st December line. As we are now thankfully there, I thought it might be nice to share our getting-ready story with you.. It begins with the turpentine-ish smell… Read more →

Overheard in the wool shop this week

Peddling wool in a heatwave has it’s moments. I thought it might be nice to share some of them with you this week.  Here’s some of what we’ve overheard in the woolshop this week… “They’re men’s one piece swimming costumes from the 1930s – used in the Olympics then. The pattern says to knit, but I’m working on a crocheted… Read more →

You are the champions

It was late July 2021 and my phone pinged. A friend Whatsapped me a photo they’d seen online of a guy knitting by the side of a pool. I glanced at the caption long enough to see it was something to do with the Olympics. My phone pinged again. Different friend, same picture. Then it pinged again and again and… Read more →

A life in the week of a wool shop

This week at Wild and Woolly, we have talked about.. ..the eruption of the volcano on St. Vincent and how people who lived in the route of the lava flow and have lost everything, still prefer to stay on the island which they’ve always called home. ..what parts of the knitted stitch you need to push the crochet hook through… Read more →