Reasons to Cast on now

To start something now or leave it for later? At Wild and Woolly we love lists almost as much as we love a cast-on, so we decided to write this list for the knitters who are in need of a gentle push. Don’t fret if none of the below apply to you. We’ve got plenty more lists up our woolly sleeves 😉.

List #1: Reasons to Cast on..

  • It turns out that buying the sweater pattern and the wool and having the intention to make it, aren’t quite enough. If they’ve all been sat by the sofa for the last 3 weeks and there’s still no sign of a sweater taking shape, cast on and you’ll see the whole thing starting to get real.
  • Thanks to the nice GP at the practice, you’ve got rid of those hot flushes, and November is feeling decidedly chilly. Cast on with purpose (and some nice thick wool) now. You should have a scarf by this time next week.
  • That long journey you’ve got to make at the weekend: You know you’re much more likely to encounter interesting/friendly/entertaining/mildy eccentric fellow passengers, if you’ve got some knitting to pass the time.
  • Ok so it didn’t work out so well last time. But now you know what ‘actual measurement’ means and how to check your own gauge, and you haven’t seen that scary knitter on the bus for weeks now, so there’s every reason to be more optimistic this time.
  • Yes, the needles you bought last time were expensive. But if you cast on something else with them now, it will be like they only cost half as much – good for 2 projects instead of 1.
  • Cast on and get to the stocking stitch section, and binge watching box sets on a Saturday night turns into a highly productive activity.
  • Cast on in time for the start of your online work meeting where your boss is explaining, passing the baton to the strategy team who he’s resourcing to improve your positioning over time through business as usual. It’s still an hour of nonsense but you’ve got a neckband, finished the short rows, and made a start on your raglan increases, to show for it.
  • Next month’s Late Night Knitty Lock-in at Wild and Woolly is the end-of-year special when everyone gives and gets a present, as well as very rosy cheeks, and casting on is a bit like getting a ticket to get in.

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