Overheard in the Wool Shop this Week

The stars, moon and hearts were all aligned this week to create a magical coincidence of St Valentine’s Day and the Late Night Knitty Lock-in. I’d like to say it was a night like no other, but in the event it was quite similar to most other second Wednesdays – which is probably just another way of saying that we were all reassured in our knowledge that Love is almost all you need, and that it works best if you also have some knitting.. and a slice of pear cake.. a passionfruit macaron.. a cup of tea.. a glass of wine and a salted caramel teacake.. Now you may hold that all those things are also love, but that is probably a discussion for another time. In the meanwhile, here are some of our favourite Overheards-this-week

‘Those socks – shouldn’t they have been labelled Ribbed for Your Pleasure?’

‘I made another one as soon as I got home, and I’m already half way through the one after that. It’s going to be beanies for everyone. I can’t stop!’

‘But what about when I finish the sweater? What will I do then?’

‘So is that all knitting-in-the-round is? It’s just like normal knitting really, isn’t it?’

‘Oh god, all I want to do is sit on the sofa and knit. Why does he want an early night?’

‘Is it always like this? Why didn’t I come in sooner?’

‘This yarn I’m holding in my hand – is it soft?’

‘They don’t know if it’s going to be a girl or a boy. Does that mean I’m not allowed to use any pink or blue, or that I need to use equal amounts of pink and blue? or do I have to do the whole blanket in yellow?’

‘Funny, right? It’s completely forgettable in that picture. But in real life it’s just the greatest cardigan ever!’

‘I know you’ve never met me before, but do you mind if I try your sweater on?’

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