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Bobble Trouble

For the most part, us knitters have plenty to feel good about – our pastime is good for our mental health, it keeps us and our friends warm, it supports sheep, shepherds and hillsides, and it’s spawned a creative scene that’s full of talented designers. But just in case we need reminding of the imperfect nature of the universe, we… Read more →

You *can* do the maths

A few days ago, this came in an email to the shop.. ‘I would love to make the Burgos with the João but I don’t want to use a second laceweight silk yarn, as I don’t do silk and want to keep that wonderful 419 green colour.In theory, would it work to just make it 2 or three sizes larger… Read more →

The Madonna of the Yarn Winder

Is there really a Madonna of the Yarn Winder? Well there’s a painting with that name by Leonardo Da Vinci that shows the Madonna, her naked child and something that looks like a niddy noddy meets drop spindle contraption. It’s had a bit of an adventurous time lately – stolen by robbers disguised as policemen and eventually returned to the… Read more →

When is a sweater not a sweater?

Perhaps when it’s a light weight top which isn’t about keeping you warm? Or when it’s got short sleeves? When it looks nice on its own, not worn over something else? When you want to wear it on a hot day! Now I know what you’re thinking – ‘Here she goes again – banging on about knitting for the summer,… Read more →

A Circular Argument

‘It’s a just a hat – why do I need 2 different sorts of needles?’ ‘Finally reached the sleeve decreases and now even my 40cm circular is too long. What’s the best way to get to the cuff?’ ‘I want to make my first pair of socks – is it better to use DPNs or a long circular with the… Read more →

Wild and Washy

‘I’m making a baby blanket, so it’s got to be washable.‘ ‘It’s a sweater for my son. There’s no way he’ll wash it by hand. I need something that will go in the machine.‘ ‘Someone on Instagram said superwash wool is bad. Is that true? It sounds like it should be great.‘ We had to get here eventually.. It’s time… Read more →

Mohair or no-hair?

One strand good, 2 strands better? Really? Will the addition of that super-skinny thread really make a difference? And if i’m not that great of a knitter will I be able to manage it? And oh my, it’s looking p r e t t y pricey now you’ve added in those extra balls of fluff, so what about we leave… Read more →

The Resourceful Knitter’s Guide to the Summer

Socks on the beach, cables in the glow of a head torch by a camp fire, zoning out with rounds of plain knitting under a tree by the paddling pool.. summer can be the perfect knitting season. It can also confound us with unexpected challenges, particularly if it’s happening far away from your box of trusty tools, and not within… Read more →

Let’s talk about gauge baby

“We welcome […] knitters who are above gauge, below gauge and never check their gauge’ I wrote that when I was working on the shop’s Welcome Page a couple of years ago. I’d become used to people telling me about their gauge in an apologetic almost confessional tone. And this line was my way of saying I don’t mind what your gauge… Read more →