Knit the tradition

In the early days of opening the shop, when asked where exactly it was, I would commonly answer, “just the other side of Paradise”. Paradise for those who do not know, is the Halal butchers just down the road. I could equally well have said, just down from the Ethiopian church, or around the corner from the mosque at the Roundabout, or due south from the kosher shops on Upper Clapton Road. Never mind the recent news about the UK’s falling numbers of practicing worshippers, it seems like there’s no shortage of faiths, traditions and spiritual practices on Lower Clapton Road.

Now it turns out that the mix of spirituality, tradition and wool can be pretty magical ingredients at this time of year.  This week we’ve been marking our own knitty version of Christmas with sweater-wearing mince pies and 5ply mulled wine (more of that on Saturday by the way for anyone who fancies stopping by).

Next week we celebrate Yarnukkah, a woolly adaptation of the Jewish Festival of Lights, where we give thanks for the miracle of the ball of non-superwash wool which lasted long enough to finish the whole sweater even though it looked like running out when there was no more left in the shop. We will have 3 candles, loads of donuts and of course, lots of long-lasting non superwash wool. Do join us if you can!

In the meanwhile, our gift guide for your favourite knitters on their favourite celebration day continues…

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