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Does what it says on the tin

Yeah right – What tin?? If I had a tin for everyone who says that it does what it says on it, I’d be a tinillionaire. There’s never a tin, and I bloomin love tins. So show me the tin! Well you did ask.. Oh my goodness me! You meant it – You’ve made a tin and it says what… Read more →

Worth a read..

The limited shelf space that we have in the shop means that Brontë and I spend a lot of time thinking really hard about which books we’d like to keep on them. Luckily the indie knitting publishing scene, has become an ever richer seam to draw from. Meanwhile it’s no secret that with so many new titles appearing with ever… Read more →

A Sweater for Less

Cost of living, cozzie-livs, feeling the pinch, straightened times.. Whatever you want to call it, there’s a lot of us feeling it right now. It can be stressful, sometimes awkward, and all the things which we know knitting should be able to relieve – but if you’re priced out of the knitting, that doesn’t work so well. There are no… Read more →

Knit the tradition

In the early days of opening the shop, when asked where exactly it was, I would commonly answer, “just the other side of Paradise”. Paradise for those who do not know, is the Halal butchers just down the road. I could equally well have said, just down from the Ethiopian church, or around the corner from the mosque at the… Read more →