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How to Open a Wool Shop Part II

..And then the shop opened. Knitters heard that there was a new yarn store in Hackney and the non-knitters also wanted to see what was going on in that place with the kooky things in the window. They pushed the door open and came in: shawled, scarved and some not wrapped up at all, fairisled, cabled and some just plain.… Read more →

How to open a wool shop Part I

It was on a sunny Wednesday morning in the spring of 2014. There was a chill in the air, not that different from today. I wedged open the shop door with the fire extinguisher and the shop was finally open to everybody for the very first time. It had taken the best part of 3 months to get to where… Read more →

Wool Wanted!

The milk pan, the lasagne dish, the salad spinner, the scales and the irritatingly small espresso cups have all been taken. I don’t know who took them, or what smells will rise in the kitchens they’ve moved to, or what food will be prepared in them. But I do know that they will be great – or at least greater… Read more →

Looking back (through the windows)

Gift advice for what to buy the avid/newbie/lapsed uncles/sisters-in-law/nephews.. project-planning for surviving the week with family.. gigantic deliveries to restock our runaway yarns.. packing parcels to catch the post and filling up all those tins: The way that December has picked up speed and then crescendoed into its own woolly symphony, has turned these last few shop days of the… Read more →

Which way for Autumn?

It’s clouded over, we’re wearing socks again and there’s that lanyard-swinging deliberateness in the way that people are walking down the street. September seems to have missed the memo about breaking us in gently. Autumn is here and the forecast is decidedly woolly. How does this make you feel? A) It’s totally unjust. The summer’s been lousy. It’s already getting… Read more →

Isn’t it supposed to be on Saturday?

Isn’t it supposed to be on Saturday? Whoa, slow down! We haven’t said what we’re talking about yet. You can’t just jump into the date issue without explaining what the event is. It’s just that I’m so excited – it only comes around once a year and I want to make sure I’m there on time. Ok, let’s take a… Read more →

Introducing ourselves

It’s a funny thing about the the tail end of the year, that whatever gets shaken up during that hurtling towards the end of December, it somehow always manages to settle down again when we get to the other side – the unfinished projects are reassuringly still unfinished and the woolly universe of patterns still beckons with more sweaters than… Read more →

A year through the shop window

It’s thanks to our local pub quiz at the Elderfield that I now know the meaning of the word Anatidaephobia (irrational fear of ducks) and Doraphobia (a dread of touching the skin or fur of an animal), or better to say, thanks to the genius quiz master, Lou, and her bottomless pit of obscure phobias. But so far, we’ve never had a word for… Read more →