Which way for Autumn?

It’s clouded over, we’re wearing socks again and there’s that lanyard-swinging deliberateness in the way that people are walking down the street. September seems to have missed the memo about breaking us in gently. Autumn is here and the forecast is decidedly woolly.

How does this make you feel?

A) It’s totally unjust. The summer’s been lousy. It’s already getting dark earlier, and your best friend is back to their knitting again! How do they manage to keep so upbeat when the skies are so grey?

B) Hooray! Autumn is here, the evenings are starting earlier. This year you’re definitely going to move on from hats and scarves. Sweaters here we come!!

C) About bloomin time. The summer’s gone on so long! Let’s have a nice cup of tea and a sit down whilst you go through your Favourites on Ravelry and have another look at whether you’re ready for tackling intarsia or even a steek – eek!

You’ve just been to visit your niece and her new baby. You did a bit of window shopping on the way (she lives in a n i c e area!). Now you’re on the bus on your way home

Do you..

A) ..Wish you could have given the baby something cute and hand knitted like cousin Nigel and aunty Aisha did? That baby jumper you found online was nice but their hand made things had something really special about them.

B) ..Keep thinking about the sweater on the mannekin in the shop you walked past on the way? You managed to make those lovely beanies last year, and that sweater just looked so like one you’ve seen on ravelry, and if you could just find a way to make sense of that knitting pattern language, couldn’t you make one too?

C) ..Stare mesmerised at the beautiful modernist design on the sweater of the person across the aisle from you on the bus – amazing blocks of colour, randomly and beautifully overlapping like colours in a kaleidescope, and realise that the only way to knit a design like that would be with intarsia? Now wouldn’t that be a cool technique to master..

Nahara from work comes into the office wearing the most beautiful sweater you’ve ever seen over her scrubs. Frankie stops swiping on her phone and gasps “You made that?”. Seeing you both staring, Nahara asks casually.. “Do you want the pattern”?

Do you..

A) Imagine a version of your life where you are the person who can knit a cardigan like that? A profound feeling of well being and optimism descends upon you.

B) ..Think, ‘Oh My!’ I think I’ve got to take the plunge into sweater knitting? That lady in the wool shop said she thought I’d be up to it now. And Nahara’s sweater is definitely a sign.

C) ..Say, “You bet, I want that pattern!”, then wonder about making it into a cardigan? You’ve always been afraid of that weird cutting technique they do in Scotland but if it works, this would be the perfect project.

Your Great Aunt Dolly is not doing so great anymore. Apparently she’s struggling with chillblanes now and on top of all that, worrying about heating bills.

Do you..

A) ..Decide to knit her a nice warm hat? You’re pretty sure you’ve nailed casting-on and knitting, and the lady in the wool shop said there’s a way to knit hats seasmlessly and it’s not that hard.

B) ..Think what Aunty Dolly really needs is some lovely warm bed socks? You just need to conquer your fear of that magic loop technique – or perhaps even have a go with those scary double ended needles. Those people in the shop said it was easy and they seemed friendly and real. Maybe now is the time?

C) ..Realise that what Aunty Dolly really needs is a nice warm wrap for the winter? There was a beautiful fairisle pattern you saw at the museum in Shetland last year. And you’ve got so many left-overs now. It would be a win-win for everyone. But you’d need to sort out your stranded colourwork tension. You know what a perfectionist Aunty Dolly is..

Where will this Autumn take you?

Mostly As.. Come on in! We’ve been so looking forward to meeting you. Your knitting starts right here. Welcome to a whole new world of making things to keep you and the people you love warm. Your classes include:

Learn to Knit from the Beginning

Learn to Knit a Hat seamlessly in the round

Learn to Crochet

Mostly Bs.. Welcome back! We’re thrilled you’re here again. And yes, now is the time to move on. You made so much progress last year but there’s lots more fun where that came from. Hats and scarves are great – but the really juicy knitting starts with sweaters and socks.

Your Classes include:

Sweater Club 5 part course to make a sweater

Learn to Knit your own Socks

Fixing Mistakes

Mostly Cs.. Well hello there! We thought it might be time to have a chat about taking things to the next level. We’ve been so inspired by your making and interest in textile history and heritage – you’ve become an amazing knitter, but we were thinking you might enjoy expanding your techniques repertoire to try some new knitting tricks and approaches.

Learn to Knit Continental

Intarsia from the beginning

Fairisle for beginners

Learn to Steek

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