Overheard in the wool shop this week

It’s been cold, rainy and grey outside all week, but inside in the wool shop you’ve all been giving us plenty to smile about.

Here are our edited highlights from this week…

the book just arrived – I knew it would be amazing, it’s more than just amazing – rest of day cancelled – fire stoked, coffee on, phone unplugged..

I still miss having them.. cigarettes.. every day. Couldn’t have done it without my knitting.

”They know it’s going to be a boy.. so blue maybe?.. alright alright.. I’ll put some pink in there too!

I can’t knit.. never done it before.. I’m really stressed out.. my brother in law says if I get some wool and needles he’ll sort me out..

…have just started using the manchelopis and am in LOVE.’

My sister’s snowed in up north… I wish I was too..

Look! That green I used – the cardigan I made last year matches the slipover. I can’t believe I’ve made a twin set!

So if I’m knitting down from the neck, I don’t have to hold the needles upside down?

Don’t tell me how much it costs. At least I know it’s going to be less than half the price of what it would cost in Toast.. Oh yes and SO much more fun.

We’re having a pompom evening-in. We’ve got the Hackney Gelato, now we just need the wool.

My nan’s doing hats for the premmie baby unit. She’s sent me in for some red 4ply.

Can you show me that 2-yarns-on-the-same-hand contintental knitting way of catching your floats again. Oh my god it’s smooth!

Do you think that loving to knit small things is a bad reason to have another baby?’

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