Episode 3

Celebrating the extraordinary and hidden lives of unsung heroines in knitted squares, the Balance for Better Blanket was created to mark the 2019 International Women’s Day. In Episode 3 of Knit 15, Felicity Ford tells the story of a knitted blanket, of a friendship and of the 30 women who inspired it.

Squares, women and links to more resources…

The Jane Gaugain square

Read more about Kate Davies’ work on the entrepreneurial knitting pattern writer, Jane Gaugain In the steps of Jane Gaugain

“Using sound to amplify and give visibility to the life of Catherine Dickens” in Hearing Catherine

The Rocky Rivera square

Watch the video which helped inspire this square about Rapper activist Rocky Rivera.

The Frances Ellen Watkins Harper square

Read more about Frances Ellen Watkins Harper and her poem, Bury me in a Free Land

The Alma Thomas square

Find out more about Alma Thomas in the White House.

And follow this pure gold link for a SONIK celebration of the women in the blanket

And for anyone who feels inspired to make a blanket/blanket square, here’s the template. Enjoy!

Episode 3 of the Knit 15 Podcast featured:
Felicity Ford AKA KnitSonik
Presented by Anna Feldman
Produced by Damian Zane
Music from Prickly Pear by The Portico Quartet

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