Newtons 3rd Law Proven by Knitters

Followers of the shop on social media will know already that the last couple of weeks have not been our finest. A robbery on Guy Fawkes night left the shop full of shattered glass and missing some critical pieces of office machinery. One of my first tasks after taking it all in, was to hastily write an instagram and facebook post to explain that the shop would stay closed until we had things sorted out. Then I turned to clearing up and working out what was missing. I soon realised that the robbers were not knitters as wool was something that wasn’t taken. Luckily for me however, the shop’s customers are knitters and very, very wonderful ones at that. And as the news of the break-in found its way into your woolly media feeds, people began arriving at the shop with all manner of kindnesses in a great wave of knitterly love.

It began to feel like whatever force had been used to smash the hole through the shop window, was being met in an almost Newtonian way with an opposite and equal torrent of solidarity and support.

Sorting things out after a break-in is partly an excercise in sweeping up glass, arranging repairs and talking to the police. But there is also a spirit-lifting task to do, which is less obvious to find your way through. There’s something in seeing the shop all battered and bruised like that which rather tramples on your confidence and sense of security. 

I really can’t thank you all enough for helping this knitter through it all and making it seem like we can get there and that regardless of all the unravelling, the shop window will shine brightly again and we can work our way back to where we were before.

Thank you all so much for everything!

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