Knit Your Own Summer Part 3

What about Parts 1 & 2: you can’t just kick off with Part 3!

Ha Hah! Just as I suspected. You’ve totally forgotten about the summer pattern round-ups we did last year. All part of my cunning plan to remind you that we have lots of round-ups available on the website for your easy reference including..

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Okay, in that case, I’m cool with calling this one Part 3 – last year’s were p r e t t y great and I wouldn’t mind having another look at those.

You’re welcome! Between Brontë and my own recent tours of summer knitting-pattern-rabbit-holes, we’ve found plenty of new material for this edited highlights list. We’ve got specific yarn recommendations for most of them, but do also see our Summer Yarns page for the bigger picture.

Summer Core Dress by Milena Juhola
Bulky and summery – how does that work? Simple, just hold two strands of a worsted cotton like Re-Use or Mungo together. Work it all on 8mm needles and you’ve got a super speedy and easy peasy chunky gauge summer dress

Think Tank by Degen
the one most likely to put a smile on your face before you’ve even started, with Degen’s signature funny felt-tip style design, this groovy tank uses just a couple of 4ply skeins plus left-overs from your socks – it would be rude not to!

Basic Tank by Untold
Colour-wise, gauge-wise and weather-wise, this tank would be perfect in the For Nature DK cotton. Not into the super cropped fit? Carry on knitting and do the shift dress version.

Konatsu by Rievive
This designed-for-Mungo tshirt is full of Kouvive’s delightfully understated decorative details around the neck, raglans and ribbing. A weightier gauge than most others in this selection, so would suit cooler evenings and warmer autumn days.

Taro Tee by Kiyomi Burgin
Simple and beautifully thought through – raw edges at the neck and hem, this tee calls for a drapey cool 4ply. Silky options include The Woolkitchen Merino Silk or Madragoa, or go planty with Kalinka Linen

Dappled Lace Raglan by James Watts
I first spotted this one on a very fine knitter at knit Night – beautifully shaped, and I’m assured very knittable once you get into the rhythm of the reapeats. And all those holes mean you know it will be cool!

Cordielia skirt and top by Witre
We’ve become big Witre Design fans ever since A Knitter’s Year arrived – her patterns are simple, wearble, knittable and lots of fun. This summer skirt-top combo would be perfect in the For Nature DK cotton.

Boum Tank by Kiyomi Burgin
Currently on Brontë’s needles in DN’s Robinson, a delicious wool cotton mix. It’s a wear-with-everything tank, thoughtfully detailed and if you size it with the right amount of ease, it could totally work over something else as the weather gets cooler.

Air Tee by Ozetta
On the one hand this is a nice simple, plain-cut tee. And then there’s that intriguing and just so pleasing back yoke detail, worked cross-ways but maintaining its symmetry by starting in the middle. Seems to fit everyone beautifully. Yarn-wise, it has to be the Wooldreamers Ozetta colab yarn, Saona.

Hyacinth Bucket Hat by Sari Nordlund
.. because real summer knitting definitely needs some accessorising and we love the curves and shade cast by the brim on this one. Chunky weight yarn knitted to a tight 23 stitch gauge means you probably want to double up some worsted cotton. Re-use would be top of my yarn list for this one. For a crocheted alternative try the Scrappy Bucket Hat by Jess Coppom which will get you there with your hook instead.

Artichoke by Pam Allen
Make this one in the Kalinka linen or Fonty Bohème and it will be cool in your hands while you knit, and even cooler to carry around once it’s done. Big enough for your swimming costume, towel and a paperback, and deep enough to bring a baguette back from the bakery too.

Kits Kerchief by Tincan Knits
in case all the rest just seem like too much of too much, here’s one that will be quick, not boring without being difficult, plus is really useful if your hair needs taming on a blowy beach. It uses a left-overs quantity of lace weight but would be just as nice in a 4ply. Try the Anchor Freccia Cotton or Onion sock.

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