9 cardies good, 18 cardies better!

It seems like last week’s list of cardigans has only partially satisfied the spring-time knitters’ appetite for knitwear they can undo and do up again. And so the newly formed Cardigan Corps at Wild and Woolly has un-buttoned 9 more patterns with our usual mix of familiar and unexpected. Here are 9 more for you to keep on your cardie radar this spring..

Tìoraidh by Kate Davies. My latest cardie crush turned up in KD’s latest Allover Collection. I’m imagining it in one of the more intense shades of JC Rennie’s Supersoft Lambswool: perhaps petrel or blaze, combined with an oaty neutral. And ever since I started imagining it, I just can’t stop.
Juvelprydd by Ailbíona McLochlainn comes with all her signature kookie and mysterious details. This jacketish cardigan has the look of a project that will be as much fun to knit as to wear, and the perfect excuse (as if you needed one) to dive into a plate of Manchelopis
Gloam by Caitlin Hunter – this super boxy jacket, with guernsey-like knit and purl texturing is a suits-everyone cardie – fabric and shape that is just so full of character. Choose a like-minded yarn for it to get on with really well like Rosa Pomar’s João or Brusca, or take a more tweedy direction with the Donegal Darnie.
Hirne by Kate Davies – another one from the KD cardie queen. I just can’t get past how lovely that texture would look in an undyed long-wool like WYS’ Jacob or Bluefaced Leicester. Simulataneously complex and simple: it manages to be poetic, geometric and botanical all at the same time.
Zakkuri by Noriko Ichikawa – even though we had this one just a few weeks ago in the sweater round-up, I can’t help adding it again. Just, what a great cardigan! That rolled edge with the ribbing, the thoughtful raglan shaping, and the whole fit of it. As for the yarn – it has to be Gilliatt.
Dab by Hiromi Nagasawa. Plain without being boring. Arresting colour block stripes mean you could take this in a whole other chromatic direction. I’m thinking a smooth and straightforward DK like the WYS Pure, Penelope, Vovo or even the Guernsey 5ply.
Albini by Orlane Sucche – tried and tested and loved by all. No two look alike but always fit beautifully. As always with OS, the enchanting details are as lovely to make as to wear. Its 20 stitch DK gauge means you’ve got loads of options: Gilliatt, Brusca, WYS Bluefaced Leicester or Vovo
Noki by Rievive – characteristically original arrangements of texture, construction and shape, a less boring knit will be difficult to find. Designed for a hefty worsted like Rauwerk or Studio Donegal’s DWSC, this cosy wrapper will work for dresses, jeans, apples and pear shapes.
Marajacke by Irina Heemann: This beguiling chevron knit takes your knitting in an altogether different and unexpected diagonal direction. A made-for-Rauwerk design, it really suits a toothy worsted. For a more modernist and defined finish, Dehesa would be a great alternative.

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